The 2015 Bold Nebraska Supporter Survey was conducted online and at local events during May-June.

Survey respondents within Nebraska and out-of-state were asked a series of questions about which direction and what issues Bold Nebraska should take on after Keystone XL, voted on their top priorities from a list of options, and provided written feedback.

View the survey questions online here.

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Bold is supported both by Nebraskans and also folks who live in other states and countries. The answers below reflect what people from other states and countries had to say on the survey questions.


Linda, Ashland (Republican): Keep up the good work that has begun. Thanks for the time and effort that has boldly supported  meaningful issues that impact the lives of private land owners. For the most part  they care for the land used to support their family. That is a wonderful endeavor.

Don, St. Edward (Democrat): You are doing a fine job.  If it had not been for you we probably would have signed the easement. Now we have joined the fight for eminent domain. Thanks for everything.

Steven, Grand Island (Independent): I’m registered as a Democrat, but vote for candidates, not along party lines. I think Bold NE has done a great job educating some traditional Republicans their party no longer supports the best interests of Nebraskans, particularly those land owners fighting the KXL.

Rebecca, Omaha (Independent): Thank you, thank you, for fighting the good fight!  We have to find better ways to do things as a state, and I think you are leading that fight.  I find Bold Nebraska very inspiring–you have helped me feel like there is hope for Nebraska.

Travis, Columbus (Republican:) I believe Bold Nebraska has an excellent grasp on what our state and country need, Keep fighting the good fight!! Lets  get more events like Harvest the Hope to get people involved!

Sarah, Brooklyn, NY (Democrat): I have a farm in Nebraska but live in Brooklyn.  I’m so glad that you are making Nebraska a saner place to live!  Keep up the good work.

Buffy, Florida (Green Party): Bold Nebraska seems to be one of the few groups that’s been a true ally for Native Americans fighting the same issues – it totally sets you apart in my mind. Please keep up and expand the respectful allyship!

Krystle, La Vista (Libertarian): I’ve been around for a while. I’m proud of the direction bold nebraska has taken. Volunteering used to mean figuring out what needs to happen at an event and doing it. Now you’re organized and a prominent and widely recognized and respected organization. Keep it up Bold. And let me know when y’all need help 😉

Bill, Lincoln (Independent): We need a progressive force in Nebraska to reduce the stranglehold that far right Christian conservatives have on state and local politics.  You are one voice that is loud and quite successful. I hate to ask you to broaden your scope as that might lessen your impact, but somehow the Democratic Party (or a replacement group) must be energized and strengthened to balance out the reactionary forces controlling things. On that note, how about this year’s Unicameral.  The best this 73 year old who has paid attention his whole life can remember!

Tom, Hastings (Democrat): Jane Kleeb and Bold Nebraska came into my life at a time when I must have been ready for the information and actions we have been able to take part in. Maybe the adage “when the student is ready the teacher will appear.” Without Jane and Bold the TransCanada pipeline would have been one of those significant events that would have just been too bad we couldn’t do anything about. The actions, events and guidance has brought organizations as well as coalitions into play. These things have created a noticeable force showing that “you can fight City Hall.”