Bold Alliance published an updated version of our Nebraska Landowner and County Leader Guide to Carbon Pipeline Risks in July 2023. The updated Guide includes:

  • About the Nebraska Easement Action Team (NEAT) landowners’ legal co-op & FAQ
  • Maps of proposed carbon pipeline routes in Nebraska
  • Top 8 Reasons to Oppose Risky Carbon Pipelines
  • “The Gassing of Satartia” by Dan Zegart (exceprt)
  • “Welcome to the 45Q Tax Credit Piggie Farm! by Paul Blackburn, attorney, Bold Alliance
  • How to Contact Your County Board About the Pipeline
  • Pipeline Safety Trust: Report: Carbon Dioxide Pipelines: Dangerous and Under-regulated
  • Pipeline Safety Trust: PHMSA Investigation Report: 2020 CO2 Pipeline Leak in Satartia, MS
  • U.S. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration: PHMSA Announces New Safety Measures to Protect Americans From Carbon Dioxide Failures After Satartia, MS Leak
  • Model Nebraska County Ordinances for Regulation of Carbon Dioxide Pipelines

NOTE: The Model County Ordinance language in the book was produced based on Nebraska‘s unique laws. If you’re a landowner or organizer interested in obtaining draft county ordinance language for your state, please contact us.

Bold Alliance Nebraska Landowner and County Leader Guide to CO2 Pipeline Risks (Updated July 2023)