Dear Omaha Public Power District Board,

I am writing on behalf of Bold Alliance to express our position and concerns regarding the future of energy production in our community. We commend OPPD’s efforts to transition to cleaner energy sources and would like to provide our input to ensure that this transition is effective and beneficial to all stakeholders.

Firstly, we strongly advocate for shutting down the coal power plant. The methods employed for this shutdown and the subsequent transition to new energy sources must be safe and sustainable. To this end, we urge OPPD to prioritize sourcing clean energy from within Nebraska rather than purchasing it from other states such as Kansas. This approach will bolster our local economy and ensure greater control and accountability over our energy resources.

We recommend the establishment of interim metrics and benchmarks to facilitate a systematic transition away from coal by 2050. Clear, measurable goals will provide transparency and allow for the assessment of progress over time. Furthermore, this plan’s short-term and long-term goals must incorporate and emphasize environmental justice. This will ensure that the benefits of clean energy transition are equitably distributed, particularly among historically marginalized communities, particularly in North Omaha. 

Additionally, we seek improved follow-through on initiatives aimed at decreasing constituents’ energy burden. Lowering energy costs and increasing energy efficiency should remain a priority to alleviate the financial strain on our community members, particularly those in vulnerable positions.

Lastly, we hope that you will consider creating Community Benefit and Dividend Agreements that will leave behind benefits to the community including acknowledging legacy pollution left behind in North Omaha from the coal plant.

We appreciate your consideration of these recommendations and look forward to working together to achieve a sustainable and equitable energy future for Nebraska.


Terrell McKinney
Land Justice Director
Bold Alliance

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