Bold Nebraska signed on to a letter sent to Pres. Obama by 63 regional, national and local groups demanding a full environmental review of the proposed Alberta Clipper tarsands pipeline expansion.

For Immediate Release: June 18, 2015

Mark Westlund,, 415-977-5719
Andy Pearson,, 612-600-5951
Dallas Goldtooth,, 507-412-7609
David Turnbull,, 202-316-3499
Kendall Mackey,, 913-908-6072
Josh Mogerman,, 312-651-7909


Groups Urge President Obama to Reject Enbridge’s Illegal
Alberta Clipper Tar Sands Scheme

A letter from 63 national, regional, and local groups demands that the tar sands pipeline project be held to the same standard as the proposed Keystone XL

Alberta-Clipper-BypassWashington, DC — In a letter sent to President Obama this morning, 63 environmental, tribal, and faith groups called for a full environmental review of the proposed Alberta Clipper tar sands pipeline expansion, expressing serious concerns about the project, which threatens land, water, and climate and tramples on tribal rights.

The groups urged the president to hold the project to the same legally required review process as Keystone XL, and to reverse a decision made by the State Department last year to illegally allow Canadian oil giant Enbridge to use a backdoor scheme to increase the amount of dirty, climate-polluting tar sands flowing through the Great Lakes region.

The full text of the letter and list of signers is below:

Alberta Clipper Pipeline Coalition Letter