As I was casually breezing through my dog-eared copy of Macbeth the other day (it’s so old, it must be the original), I found this alternate version of the incantation traditionally sung by the three witches scrawled in one of the margins.  Looks like ol’ Billy Shakespeare was all about civic engagement and gettin’ out the vote:

Double, double, state in trouble.
Anger burns and voters bubble.
Double, double, state in trouble.
Something civic this way comes!

Confession:  William Shakespeare didn’t write that.

And voting wasn’t too important since he definitely didn’t live in a democracy.  But we do!  To remind Nebraskans of this lovely fact, this Halloween Bold Nebraska and Trick or Vote — a national effort to get out the vote just two days before the midterm elections — are knocking on doors in Hastings, Omaha, and Lincoln.

So throw on a costume, grab some garlic (just in case) and join us on October 31.  Plus, there’s a positively ghoulish FREE (if you Trick or Vote) after party at the Red9 in Lincoln.   Sign up here!

While you’re at it, why not up the ante and pledge to vote November 2?