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OPPD (Omaha Public Power District) has proposed an increase in the “fixed” fee all customer-owners of the publicly-owned utility must pay each month, from the current $10.25 to as high as $35 per month by 2019.(1)

This $35 fee would be the highest fixed service fee in the country from any OPPD-sized utility.

What’s worse, the fee increase discriminates against low-income customers — who are typically low-energy users, and who will be forced to pay MORE on their monthly bills under OPPD’s plan.

The plan also penalizes customers who strive to be efficient in their homes and consume LESS energy, who will pay MORE under OPPD’s plan.

This is about fairness, and keeping the “public” in public power.

Sign the petition: I oppose OPPD’s 341% fixed rate hike.

OPPD’s proposed 341% “fixed” rate hike:

  • Discriminates against low-income customers, who will pay MORE.
  • Penalizes customers who use LESS energy, who will pay MORE.
  • Unfairly rewards high energy users with LOWER energy bills.
  • Discourages OPPD customers from becoming more energy efficient.
  • Worsens air pollution, by encouraging wasteful energy use.
  • Disincentivizes investment in renewable energy like wind and solar.

OPPD says that “average” users’ bills won’t change much, but it’s unfair and discriminatory to lower electric bills for high energy users, while raising bills for low-income customers (typically low-energy users), those who work hard to conserve energy (often fixed-income seniors), and customers who have made investments to be more energy efficient in their homes.(2)

Customers who use less energy should pay less, and customers who use more energy should pay for the increased costs of generation and distribution of energy to everyone.(3)

SIGN: I oppose OPPD’s 341% fixed rate hike. Click here to add your name.

Join us in Omaha to deliver petition signatures to the Board Members of OPPD during their meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 15th — two days before the OPPD Board votes on the proposed “fixed” rate increase, on Thursday, Dec. 17th.

Bold Nebraska stands with local organizations including Nebraska Sierra Club, Nebraska and Nebraskans for Solar in opposition to OPPD’s proposed fixed rate hike.

Stand with us to send OPPD the message that their fixed rate hike proposal is unfair. 

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