Sometimes Scott Voorhees really steps in it. We mean, totally and epically STEPS. IN. IT. 

Well Scott shocked us this morning when he compared illegal immigrants to termites and disease. 

During his morning radio show on 1110 KFAB, Voorhees compared identifying illegal immigrants to searching an apartment for termites. He then said when it comes to illegal immigration “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” 

We understand Scott’s role as a morning radio host is to rile up his audience because the more emotional they are the more they listen and Scott’s ratings go up meaning a nice pay raise for Mr. Voorhees. This is America, that’s capitalism, we get it. 

But comparing living, breathing human beings to invasive insects or illness isn’t entertaining. Mr. Voorhees may have just been searching for the appropriate words to express his feelings, but he crossed a line. 

When we start degrading each other to this level, we lose one of the best things about being human: our compassion. This mentality of dehumanizing the vulnerable in our society is too easy to dismiss. 

While we enjoy Voorhees morning show (we’re talk radio addicts and Scott cracks us up), and we know Scott’s a good guy (the guy lists “making my wife and daughter smile” as one of his interests), we encourage him to embrace what we like best about him: his humanity.