Hyperlinks are perhaps the greatest internet-invention ever. With hyperlinks, we don’t have to cite sources in posts, we can just hyperlink to them and you the reader can double check our research. 

But with the great power of hyperlinks comes great responsibility. And Senator Johanns is no Bruce Wayne. 

In his latest email to constituents, the Senator uses four hyperlinks in the body of his message. But instead of hyperlinking directly to his sources, the Senator directs curious readers to press releases, video, and an issue page on his senate website. 

So instead of going to the CBO or HHS, we’re sent to johanns.senate.gov where we’re left to skim Johanns’ hyperbole, hoping we can find facts from outside sources. This is further complicated with all the broken links at the bottom of this press release. Batman had better odds against the Joker. 

Perhaps the Senator needed to up his web traffic numbers this month, but that is no excuse for abusing the power of the hyperlink. 

If Senator Johanns would like a crash course in using hyperlinks for good or help finding his missing hyperlinks, the BOLD girls eagerly await his bat signal.