Pipeline Fighters Hub Launches to Connect Frontline Communities

Pipeline Fighters Hub is a resource for frontline communities, media, and elected officials to turn the page on fossil fuel projects that risk the land, water, and climate.

Hastings, NE — The Bold Alliance, a national nonprofit best known for its work to stop the Keystone XL pipeline, is launching a new project called the Pipeline Fighters Hub to provide legal, technical, and organizing assistance to local groups working to end fossil fuel projects, and connect them to each other and to national groups. Additionally, the Hub is a place where the media and elected officials can see updates on key pipeline fights and get connected to those on the frontlines.

Pipeline Fighters Hub website:

“When farmers, ranchers, Tribal Nations, and climate activists took on Keystone XL over a decade ago, Big Oil had a playbook to bully us,” said Jane Kleeb, Bold founder. “We formed an unlikely alliance and learned how to fight back. The Pipeline Fighters Hub will connect pipeline fighters around the country and share legal, political, organizing, and communications expertise. We will stand together and fight until we’ve stopped these risky and dangerous pipelines.”

A common thread Bold heard while we were fighting the KXL pipeline was a national resource and “one-stop shop” was needed to ensure the public, the media, and decision makers had access to key information about pipeline fights and how people can get engaged and assist local communities.

The Pipeline Fighters Hub is committed to ending all new and proposed fossil fuel pipelines, and creating a decommissioning plan for existing pipelines that puts the financial responsibility clearly on oil and gas corporations’ bottom line — versus shifting these costs to landowners, Tribal Nations and local governments.

We believe that if we are going to meet President Biden’s critical climate targets by 2030, we simply cannot build any more new fossil fuel pipelines.

The Pipeline Fighters Hub programs and services:

  • Experts: A panel of hand-picked experts with years of experience who can train local pipeline fighters and water protectors, and connect them to lawyers who can take on legal cases. A Pipeline Fighters Hub webinar series will feature Experts along with frontline leaders from local fights discussing current and lingering common issues.
  • Pipeline Fighters Hub Website: Featuring maps and informative overviews of key pipeline fights across North America, including: Atlantic Coast, Byhalia, Coastal GasLink, Dakota Access, Jordan Cove, Keystone XL, Line 3, Line 5, Mariner East, Mountain Valley, PennEast and TransMountain pipelines.
  • Take Action: Direct links to support the grassroots on how to help local pipeline fights.
  • Resource Library: A collection of easement contracts, local zoning, public comments, and action ideas.
  • Ongoing Campaigns: Creative strategies incorporating politics and grassroots organizing to protect the land and water including ending eminent domain for private gain; creating clean energy with everyone at the table; planting Ponca Sacred Corn inside pipeline paths; and “Stop Trump Pipelines” — a new effort asking President Biden to make Keystone XL the first not the last pipeline he rejects.
  • “Extracted” Daily News Clips: A daily email newsletter featuring energy, climate, and environmental news clips for Pipeline Fighters, Water Protectors, Land Defenders, attorneys, legislators, journalists, #ActOnClimate

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