Update, 3/13 3:45pm: The Equal Employment ordinance passed on a 4-3 vote. You can no longer be fired in Omaha for being gay. Thank you to Council Members Gray, Jerram, Gernandt and Festersen. Unfortunatley, Council Members StothertMulligan and Thompson all voted to keep the status quo. This time, status quo was NOT in the majorty. Great work Omaha!

Original post 3/12:

Bold Nebraska partnered with citizen groups Equal Omaha and Voice to produce a TV ad (below) that will air Monday night in Omaha. 

Equal Employment Commercial from Yay, You Did It on Vimeo.

A poll was just released that shows strong and majority support for passing the Equal Employment ordinance. 

The two City Council Members that need to hear from you–Gernandt and Thompson–are listening to citizens. When you call and email them, make sure you clealry state that you want them to vote “yes” on the Equal Employment ordinance this Tuesday.

Nebraskans can be fired for being gay. There is no legal protection for families and individuals of the LGBT community in the workplace. The Equal Employment ordinance will change that and ensure all hardworking people in Omaha have the chance to earn a living and provide for themselves and their families without the fear of being fired for being gay.


You can help by showing up to the vote on the “Equal Employment Ordinance.”

Final Vote on Equal Employment Ordinance
Tuesday, March 13th, 2pm
1819 Farnam Street, Omaha


Contact the City Council members who are still “on the fence.” Ask them to support the “Equal Employment Ordinance,” tell them your story of why you support equality in the workplace.

Council Member Gernandt
Send an email

Council Member Mulligan
Send an email

Need more info? Here is a great FAQ doc from Equal Omaha that details how states around us already have statewide protections and polling to back up support in Nebraska for this law.

For press: Below is a quote from a local leader and a link to poll results which show strong majority support for the Equal Employment ordinance.

Mike Battershell, local leader with Equal Omaha, said “Right now many of my friends who are talented and contribute to our city can be fired just for being gay. The City Council vote is about Omahans who want the same chance as everyone else to earn a living and provide for themselves and their families. We hope the ad puts a human face on why this vote is critical to moving Omaha forward.”