It’s all but certain that calculating Jon Bruning will announce tomorrow morning that he is running for Senate in 2012 (Bruning tweeted as much about an hour ago).

 We know we are not alone in thinking this is a bit like a freshman just getting to high school and announcing his run for Senior Prom King in three years. You know, it’s a little early to be campaigning.

Although, we must admit, we all knew this day would eventually come (they just grow up so fast!). The always calculating and “always under construction” Bruning did say back in 2008, when he was forced to get out of the Senate race to clear the field for Johanns, that his “time will come someday.”

Guess no time like the present to announce.  To be fair, he did give it 48 hours after just winning his race for Attorney General, the office he bragged about “loving” on TV and radio.

This all seems just so calculating and dishonest to us — just like his “Bruning” ad which he ran for the past several weeks saying how much he loved his job and bragging about Bruning, NE (a town he has never lived in).  Again, dishonest.

We look forward to his press conference tomorrow (10am in the Capitol Rotunda, in case you want to attend) and will have more to say then…

And yes is indeed “under construction.”  Bruning is always is under construction… who will Bruning be now?