October is finally upon us, and that means ghosts, vampires, and yes, zombies will now be out in full force.  But not all of them will be boo-ing, bloodsucking, and creating general chaos and terror.  On Halloween, some of them will join Bold Nebraska and Trick or Vote — a national effort to get out the vote just two days before the midterm elections — as we knock on doors in Hastings, Omaha, and Lincoln.  

If you, too, are interested in hob-nobbing with some ghastly creatures, or just want to throw on an old bed sheet and make sure that Nebraskans remember to vote on November 2nd, sign up here to join us.  Plus, there’s a FREE after party (if you Trick or Vote)  at the Red9 in Lincoln.

And just in case you do meet some zombies of the less friendly variety, our friends at Flowing Data have directed us to a Zombie Survival Guide that helps you assess just what you’re up against.  I suggest printing a copy.