Do you think it is fair one of Nebraska’s largest employers currently denies some employees access to basic employment benefits? We don’t. But at the University of Nebraska employees are treated differently based on martial status and sexual orientation when it comes insurance for their partners.

Luckily, adding an Employee Plus One (E+1) benefit, a policy that would allow unmarried partners living together to share health insurance, would change that. It is all up to the NU Board of Regents.

As NU President, JB Milliken, explains, “We should provide [these] benefits not only to be competitive in attracting and keeping top faculty and staff, but because treating our employees equitably is the right thing to do.”

We couldn’t agree more. So please, help Nebraska take a step towards our state motto—equality before the law.

The NU Board of Regents vote on Employee Plus One benefits THIS FRIDAY, June 8th. We need YOU to call or email your regent and tell him that you support this policy.  

Timothy Claire
District 1 (Lincoln)
(402) 475-5100

Howard L. Hawks

District 2 (West Omaha)
(402) 691-9539

Chuck Hassebrook

District 3 (Northeast NE)
(402) 687-2103 ext. 1018

Bob Whitehouse

District 4 (East Omaha)
(402) 339-5515

Jim McClurg

District 5 (Southeast NE)
(402) 477-2030

Kent Schroeder

District 6 (Central NE)
(308) 237-9688

Bob Phares

District 7 (Western NE)
(308) 532-3180

Randolph Ferlic

District 8 (Midtown Omaha)
(402) 397-2837