This morning newly re-elected Attorney General Jon Bruning announced he will form an “exploratory committee” to make a bid for the US Senate in 2012.  He is starting today, just 3 days after he was re-elected to the job of Attorney General.  He said he can do “both jobs” as the lead legal eagle in our state and running for US Senate.

At the press conference Bruning said several times “I do not play games with Nebraskans.” However, that is exactly what he is doing by forming an exploratory committee because under this option he will not have to disclose his donation sources.  Totally dishonest and definitely playing games.

Bruning also continues to play games around a foreign campaign contribution he took from the controversial pipeline company TransCanada.  At the press conference, Bruning said he won’t take foreign money (again) and that TransCanada isn’t a foreign company.  Well, we have a memo from back in 2006 where the FEC determined TransCanada is indeed a foreign company.  Again, playing games and being dishonest with voters.

If Bruning will stand by his word and not play games with Nebraskans, he can do the following…

1) Resign ASAP as Attorney General.  As a “fiscal conservative,” no honest politician would run for office on taxpayers dime.

2) Drop the “exploratory committee” which has zero transparency and accountability and just announce a full Senate run since that is the intention.

3) Come clean with your donation to TransCanada and explain why you put Omaha, NE on a Canadian address on your Nebraska disclosure forms.