Bold Nebraska learned that Senator Nelson will vote YES on the Wall Street Reform bill which may be headed to a vote in the US Senate as early as Friday.

Nelson joins Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill who are standing up to Wall Street and demanding strong regulations that ensure consumers and small businesses are protected.

However, Senator Nelson continues to be the only member of Nebraska’s federal delegation that is standing up to Wall Street.

Senator Johanns, while not in the Senate at the time of the Wall Street and TARP bill, did say on the 2008 campaign trail that he would have voted for the bailout.  Johanns has yet to say if he will hold Wall Street accountable for their greedy actions and out of control behavior that contributed to the financial crisis.

Representatives Terry, Fortenberry and Smith all voted against reforming Wall Street and against protecting consumers when the bill came through the House.

We’re wondering if Senator Scott Brown’s (MA) invitation to visit the Nebraska GOP convention this month is still extended?  Or, will Republicans disinvite him since Brown clearly sides with consumers, and Nebraska’s GOP members clearly side with greedy Wall Street.  There appears to be conflicting priorities among the GOP.

Should the NE GOP retract their invite, Bold Nebraska would happily hold an event with Sen. Scott Brown and Sen. Ben Nelson that would show bold, bi-partisan leadership that stands up to Wall Street while standing up for Main Street.