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News by Jane Kleeb

Dakota Access Pipeline Opposition Continues to Grow

Peaceful demonstrators on horses ride onto the construction site of the Dakota Access pipeline to protect the water on 6 Sept 2016. Photo by Rob Wilson for Bold Alliance.

Across the country allies are pulling together, just like we did on Keystone XL, to help stop the risky and unnecessary Dakota Access pipeline. Below is an update that groups such as IEN, 350, CREDO Action, Honor the Earth, Sierra Club, Oil Change and Bold pulled together to help make sure advocates and press understand the process... Read More

PETITION: Stop Costco’s Land Grab for an Industrial Chicken Plant in Fremont

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 1.41.38 PM

*Click here to sign the petition* Tell the City of Fremont: We demand that a neutral third party conduct environmental and economic impact studies on the proposed Costco-owned chicken factory, and a public vote be held before any decision is made on this proposal. Costco has been demanding that local Nebraska elected officials sign non-disclosure... Read More

Tell Warren Buffett: Stop Blocking the Sun, Support Small Rooftop and Farm Solar


Warren Buffett’s utilities — along with others across the country — are mounting a coordinated effort to block the astounding growth of small, rooftop solar being installed by homeowners, farmers, ranchers and small businesses. (1) It’s a cynical effort to eliminate competition for Warren’s own businesses, instead of complementing the investments being made by citizens... Read More

Wisconsin Politicians Should Listen to Landowners

Eminent Domain_iowa

Pipeline company Enbridge has been working to make Wisconsin a super-highway for tarsands. While making plans to expand their octopus of pipelines that crosses farmland and lakes, Enbridge was also secretly working with the Wisconsin state legislature to expand eminent domain authority. Landowners are organizing against Enbridge. Many of the landowners already have FOUR pipelines... Read More

Project Rawhide: Secret Corporation Uses City of Fremont’s Government as Mouthpiece


Project Rawhide…a name that sounds like an old Western movie in reality is a plan hatched by elected officials in Fremont to dump 160 acres of chicken barns on the small town of Nickerson, Nebraska. What really got local folks angry was the fact that this corporation’s name is being kept a secret. Unless you... Read More

BOLD Voter Guide: May 10 Primary Election (RESULTS)

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 9.05.35 AM

Update May 10 at 11:45 pm: We posted results below! Great Bold candidates ran in the primary and we are proud to have endorsed and recommended lots of winners! 83% of the candidates Bold and the New Energy Voter Pac included in our Voter Guide are moving on to the general election this November! We will... Read More

Eminent Domain for Private Gain: Democrats Take a Stand

suz strakka_rancher on route

Last week, InsideClimate News ran an in-depth piece on eminent domain for private gain. When the article ran, neither Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton stated a position on eminent domain for private gain. We decided to ask them about the issue, and we got an answer from both the Sanders and Clinton campaigns…this is a... Read More

Recent Studies Show Ethanol Significantly Cleaner Than Oil


Environmental champion U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer said in a Senate hearing today that “the RFS is a critical piece of our nation’s effort to reduce climate pollution.” The Environmental Protection Agency’s Acting Assistant Administrator of the Office of Air and Radiation Janet McCabe pointed to advanced biofuels as an essential piece of meeting our climate... Read More

Eminent Domain for Private Gain:
 The Sleeper Issue in the Presidential Race


Donald Trump stood on the debate stage, with all his famous gusto, and proclaimed he loves eminent domain. Trump continued to say, “Keystone XL could not be built without it.” Well Mr. Trump, that is the point—our founding fathers never intended private corporations to use eminent domain for their private gain. While hugging eminent domain... Read More

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