The #NoKXL Solar Barn built in the path of the Keystone XL pipeline in 2013. (Photo: Mary Anne Andrei)

Dear fellow Pipeline Fighter,

Sometimes candidates are born out of movements. People who are meant to lead in elected positions on the very issues they advocated for in the streets. This election cycle, Bold wants to make sure you know about some Pipeline Fighters who are now running for office.

Christa Yoakum

Christa Yoakum is running for the Lancaster County Commission. Because of Christa, and fellow board members Sean Flowerday and Rick Vest, we were able to stop the expansion of Costco’s risky chicken barns, which would have polluted our land and water. Christa was also a decisive vote on bringing more solar to Lancaster County.


Art & Helen Tanderup

Art Tanderup is a hero to many of us ,and is running for the Natural Resources District (NRD) in Antelope County. Whether we watched in awe at his creation of various #NoKXL crop art installations with his tractor, or spent hours in the field planting Ponca Sacred Corn — or maybe you were among the lucky 8,500 Nebraskans who joined Art to witness the Harvest the Hope concert with Willie Nelson and Neil Young in his backyard. Art has been on the frontline of stopping the Keystone XL pipeline, and will be on the front lines to protect our water if elected to the NRD.

Eliot Bostar at the site of the #NoKXL Build Our Energy Barn project in 2013.

Eliot Bostar helped manage the Build Our Energy Barn that we placed directly in the path of the Keystone XL pipeline. Eliot is now running for Legislature in the Lincoln area (LD29). For the past several years, Eliot led the Nebraska League of Conservation Voters, where he helped make sure our Public Power Boards were represented by Nebraskans who believe in climate change and property rights.

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Christa Yoakum
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Art Tanderup

Eliot Bostar
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I hope over the years, this list of pipeline fighters running for office grows. We’ve been through a decades-long fight to protect our land and water. Let’s send more of us to represent us.

With Bold Hope,

Jane Kleeb and the Bold Team