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THANK YOU President Biden for Rejecting the Keystone XL Pipeline, Keep Being Bold

Keystone XL was the first Trump pipeline that President Biden rejected, but it should not be the last. President Biden boldly rejected KXL within a few hours of his inauguration. That was a testament to the unlikely alliance of farmers, ranchers, Tribal Nations, and climate advocates that stood together for over a decade. We now […]
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Vote for Bold Nebraska Climate Champions

Since 2009, Bold Nebraska has stood with farmers, ranchers, Tribal Nations, environmental advocates and everyday Nebraskans who care about ensuring a livable climate for our grandchildren, and worked to protect our land, water, and climate. Bold is endorsing these Lincoln-area Climate Champions in 2020: Christa Yoakum for Lancaster County Commissioner Eliot Bostar for Nebraska Legislature, […]
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Jeanne Crumly: Keystone XL Just Sued my Family to Take Our Land

You may have already heard, but TransCanada just filed new eminent domain claims in court against 90 Nebraska family farmers and ranchers — including my family — who refuse to give up our land for this foreign corporation’s Keystone XL tarsands export pipeline. [1] TransCanada has been bullying my family and other Nebraska landowners for […]
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ACTION: Speak Out Against KXL At Nebraska County Board Meetings

Landowners who live on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline route in Holt County, Nebraska, and who are opposed to the project recently attended a County Board meeting to provide their elected Commissioners an update on the status of the controversial project. Some of these landowners have now been actively voicing their opposition to the pipeline […]
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Help Create a New NoKXL Crop Artwork in a Nebraska Cornfield

Help create a new crop artwork on the Tanderup farm! Volunteers needed: May 17-21 Bold Nebraska has the chance to team up again with Nebraska farmer and Pipeline Fighter Art Tanderup, and artist John Quigley to create a gigantic new #NoKXL crop artwork in Art’s cornfield in Neligh, Nebraska. We want to create new crop […]
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Nebraska Floods: How to Help Tribes, Farmers & Ranchers Recover

Friends, We are witnessing the aftermath of devastating floods here in Nebraska, where 65 counties and 74 cities have declared a state of emergency — no doubt a climate change-fueled combination of a blizzard followed by rapidly melting snow and torrential rains. [1] The storms have claimed several human lives, along with hundreds of thousands […]
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Judge Denies TransCanada Request for Pre-Construction Work on Keystone XL Pipeline

Judge Denies TransCanada Request for Pre-Construction Work on Keystone XL Pipeline Ruling Deals Yet Another Setback to Proposed Dirty Fossil Fuel Project Great Falls, MT — Today, a federal judge reaffirmed that TransCanada cannot conduct any pre-construction field activities on its proposed Keystone XL pipeline. This ruling means that construction on the controversial tar sands […]
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KXL Monitoring: Did You Witness TransCanada Activity in Nebraska, South Dakota or Montana?

Have you witnessed TransCanada pipeline employees or contractors operating in Nebraska, South Dakota or Montana — in violation of a federal judge’s order prohibiting any construction or “pre-construction” activity? Provide as many details as you’re able on the form below, and we’ll use this form to document the alleged violation and pass along to the […]
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New Energy Roundup: May 2015

Ben Gotschall
Energy Barn Update In April 2015, the Build Our Energy Barn built in the path of the Keystone Export pipeline generated 281 kilowatt-hours of electricity back onto Nebraska’s public power grid, which is enough energy to power a light bulb for 30 months.  To date, the Energy Barn has produced 5.15 megawatt-hours of clean energy […]
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ACTION NEEDED: Stop Packer Ownership of Livestock, Keep Local Control

Two bills will be heard in front of the Nebraska legislature’s Agriculture Committee on Tuesday, Feb. 10.  These bills would pave the way for meatpacker ownership of livestock and allow continued corporate takeover of agriculture in Nebraska by allowing Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO’s) to avoid the normal restrictions of the county planning and zoning […]
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