Vote Early, In-Person, In Nebraska: Oct. 5-Nov 2

If you live in the state of Nebraska (attending college full-time counts!), you can actually vote early, in-person at your County Election Office: Oct. 5th — Nov. 2nd.
(Note: As of Oct. 23, you must already be registered to vote in order to Vote Early In Person.)


*Vote at School: You can vote using your temporary/college address while you are enrolled in school. Since you are living in your college town during these years, why not also vote locally, so your voice is heard in your community!

*Vote at Home: Some students prefer to vote on issues and candidates back at home. You may vote in your home district at your permanent address (either within Nebraska, or another state). If you are not able to travel home on Election Day, you can vote by mail by contacting your home state election commission and requesting a ballot.

Election Protection Hotline: 402-890-5291 If you have problems voting, see something suspicious at the polls, or have a question, call our friends at Civic Nebraska.