Send a Handwritten #NoKXL Letter to the Public Service Commission

On Feb. 16, 2017, TransCanada submitted a new application with the Nebraska Public Service Commission for a route for its proposed Keystone XL pipeline project. The process could take eight months to a year, and will include hearings and opportunities for public comment. ACTION: Send a hand-written letter to the Nebraska Public Service Commission (PSC) […]

SIGN: Stop Costco’s Land Grab for an Industrial Chicken Plant in Fremont

Costco wants to not only put a massive industrial chicken plant in a town of 25,000 people, they also want farmers to take out $1.5 million loans from banks to create a chicken barn according to Costco specs. This means that Costco owns the chicken from beginning to end, locking the farmer into only one buyer. Which means they call all the shots, and the farmers are at their mercy.
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SIGN: Shut TransCanada’s Keystone Down & Investigate Pipeline Integrity

The recent 17,000-gallon tarsands spill from TransCanada's Keystone pipeline in South Dakota — which has now experienced more than 30 leaks in its lifetime of only six years — shows the clear need to shut it down for an immediate review of the entire length of the pipeline's integrity, especially at the other "transition welds" that have now proven to be faulty and prone to leaks.
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