NoKXL Door-to-Door Canvassing

Sign up on the form below to join Bold and fellow Pipeline Fighters to go door-to-door in the Nebraska Public Service Commissioners’ districts, to let folks know about the eminent domain abuse from TransCanada’s Keystone XL, and the threat that this dirty tarsands pipeline poses to our land, water and climate. We’ll provide you with […]

Write a #NoKXL Letter to the Editor

Tips for Writing #NoKXL Letters to the Editor Letters to your local paper are very powerful tools to get your voice heard not only to your local community, but to elected officials as well since they read the local papers to get a gauge on how the public feels about key issues. You can also […]

Send a Handwritten #NoKXL Letter to the Public Service Commission

On Feb. 16, 2017, TransCanada submitted a new application with the Nebraska Public Service Commission for a route for its proposed Keystone XL pipeline project. The process could take eight months to a year, and will include hearings and opportunities for public comment. ACTION: Send a hand-written letter to the Nebraska Public Service Commission (PSC) […]

Host a #NoKXL Letter-Writing House Party

ACTION: Host your own #NoKXL Letter-Writing House Party. Host a “party” with your friends (or, we’ll post your event on our Facebook if you’re okay with other Bold supporters showing up — let us know on the form below). It could be at your house, in a coffeeshop, in the park, anyplace works. You don’t need […]

Speak Out Against Keystone XL at Nebraska County Board Meetings

The Nebraska Public Service Commission has reached out to local Nebraska county boards along the proposed Keystone XL pipeline route, to solicit their views regarding the proposed route — and whether they believe Keystone XL is in the public interest. Bold is encouraging Pipeline Fighters to attend your next County Board meeting to find out […]

SIGN: Stop Costco’s Land Grab for an Industrial Chicken Plant in Fremont

Costco wants to not only put a massive industrial chicken plant in a town of 25,000 people, they also want farmers to take out $1.5 million loans from banks to create a chicken barn according to Costco specs. This means that Costco owns the chicken from beginning to end, locking the farmer into only one buyer. Which means they call all the shots, and the farmers are at their mercy.
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