If Heineman-Janssen-Kobach were strong, if they were bold, they would be at the doorsteps of our Nebraska federal delegation and demand they lead on comprehensive immigration reform. Instead, they are telling us what they just helped pass in Fremont is good immigration policy. Just like they told us denying kids access to college is good immigration policy. And just like they told us denying prenatal care to women and babies is good immigration policy.

Wimps. Heineman. Janssen. Kobach.

In Fremont, Heineman-Janssen-Kobach’s wimpy plan means anyone who wants to rent a place to live in or rent an office for their business now has to go apply for a permit for everyone that will occupy that space. Then, their identification will go through the e-verify system. And, as the story goes, if you are here illegally you will be sent somewhere. I am still unclear where that is…to jail, back “home,” who pays for that…

The Heineman-Janssen-Kobach wimpy plan does nothing to solve the problem of illegal immigration. All it does is give them a notch in their belts to pretend for one more day that they are leading on a very real problem.

If Heineman-Janssen-Kobach truly believe this is good immigration policy, then I ask them to go down to Fremont and enforce the new law. It goes into effect immediately according to the ordinance, so I am sure the city government would appreciate the extra hands for the new bigger layers of government that Heineman-Janssen-Kobach just put into place.

I understand fellow Nebraskans in Fremont are frustrated with the lack of immigration policies in place, so they did what we all naturally do—see a problem and try to fix it. For years, politicians have used immigration as one of those issues to whip voters up and to get them to the polls. For years, politicians used immigration as a way to capitalize on concerns, fears or prejudices. We don’t need to look much further to when Heineman went up against Osborne in the primary race a few years back. Immigration was the focus.

But where is the solution from Heineman? Or is this what he thinks is a solution? If he does, he proves my point. Heineman has wimpy plans.

The solution is to solve the immigration problem now. That means securing our borders. It means enforcing laws we already have on the books to fine businesses that hire illegal immigrants. It means requiring anyone who came here years ago show true commitment to our country and our laws by paying back taxes, and learning English. We could then stop spending tens of billions a year on enforcement programs that aren’t working (like the one Fremont just passed). If we can do this, we can actually turn illegal immigrants into taxpaying American citizens.

Only then can we move forward as a stronger country…not wimpy like the typical politicians Heineman-Janssen-Kobach.