As Halloween nears, everyone is scrambling to come up with the most hilarious, most clever, or just sexiest costume for the big night.  While I can’t tell you what you should dress as, I think the Huffington Post does a pretty good job of outlining some costumes you should cross off your list.  

Like this one:  


Sexy Cookie Monster?  Just say no.

But, if you, like me, are feeling lost and can’t come up with a costume, I would recommend going as an “active  Nebraskan citizen.”  How, you ask?  Throw on any old costume and join Bold Nebraska and Trick or Vote — a national effort to get out the vote just two days before the midterm elections — as we knock on doors in Hastings, Omaha, and Lincoln.

As a thank you for helping us get out the vote for November 2, we’re throwing a FREE after party — if you Trick or Vote — at the Red9 in Lincoln and the Blue Moon in Hastings and PS Collective in Omaha.   Sound good?  Then sign up here to join us.  And don’t let a lack of costume ideas prevent you from Trick or Voting. I am seriously contemplating this couture breakfastwear:

 I’m gonna need a partner.  Any takers?