Last night, President Obama and Speaker Boehner addressed the nation as Washington, continues to fight over how to raise the debt ceiling. The President asked each of us to call our members of Congress and demanded a balanced approach that contains shared sacrifice and compromise. Today, we’re asking every Nebraskan to do the same.

It is time to stop the games of Speaker Boehner and the extremist conservatives in Congress. Every time they come to the table to compromise, the goal posts move. First, they demand deficit reductions be yoked to the debt ceiling debate. Then, they demand only spending cuts and no revenue increases which means an unfair burden on poor and middle class Americans. Then they ask that a balanced budget amendment (which Nobel-winning economists have called, “unsound policy”) be part of the deal.

If we do not raise the debt ceiling, America will default on its obligations for the first time in history. As the president explained, raising the ceiling does not mean giving Congress a green light to spend more money. It means we can pay the bills we already owe. Raising the debt ceiling is the responsible thing to do.

We need to tell Congress, “No more games.” Millionaires, billionaires, and large corporations must share the sacrifice. They are enjoying some of the lowest taxes in history, record wealth, and still aren’t creating new jobs. Demanding they not share the burden of decreasing the deficit is unconscionable.

Call your member of Congress. Tell him we need a balanced approach that includes shared sacrifice from all American people and businesses. Let him know that you think compromise is the way Washington should work.

Here are the numbers you need:
Sen. Ben Nelson 402-441-4600 
Sen. Mike Johanns 402-758-8981 
Rep. Adrian Smith 308-384-3900 
Rep. Lee Terry 402-691-0333 
Rep. Jeff Fortenberry 402-438-1598