Despite an odds-defying run that mobilized new voters from across rural and urban Nebraska, Christa Yoakum came up short in the race for Nebraska Public Service Commissioner.

The election was the closest any PSC candidate experienced in recent history, a testament to the spirit of Pipeline Fighters, farmers, ranchers, Native Americans and Nebraskans who want to see our water and property rights protected.

In a district where Republicans held a 24,000-voter advantage in registrations, Independent voters mostly sided with Pipeline Fighters but in the end the effort fell short by roughly 3,500 votes.

But Christa says that “we must continue to stand up for what we believe in, even if sometimes we are disappointed by the results.”


  • Nebraska landowners’ KXL lawsuit: The Nebraska Supreme Court heard landowners’ and Tribes’ appeal challenging the KXL route approval on Nov. 1st, and is expected to issue its decision in early 2019 — which could force TransCanada to submit a new application and trigger a new 6-8 month review.
  • Federal KXL lawsuit: We’re anticipating a decision later this month from the federal court that’s hearing our separate challenge to the Trump Administration’s rubber-stamp approval of a federal permit for KXL.
  • Landowner organizing: As Bold always has, we will continue to organize landowners along this new proposed pipeline route who are refusing to give up their land to a foreign corporation. As of last report, only 62% of affected landowners have signed with TransCanada.
  • Solar XL: We’re currently finalizing a fourth location for our Solar XL project, and will soon launch a final fundraising push to install more solar with landowners who live in the path of KXL.
  • Stop eminent domain abuse: We’ll work with newly-elected Nebraska State Senators to pass legislation to end the abuse of eminent domain for private gain in Nebraska.

We can’t continue to do this work without you. Chip in to support Bold’s work to stop KXL.

Pipeline Fighters have faced many setbacks before, but nothing can ever quash our spirit or our desire to protect what we love and hold dear.

Thanks for continuing to stand with us.