Bold Nebraska is proud of Senator Johanns and Senator Nelson for joining forces to fix a portion of the health care law that will help ease the paperwork burden on small businesses across Nebraska.

“I own a small business and understand the benefits of the health care law for me and our workers,” said Rick Poore, owner of Shirts 101.  “The 1099 paperwork rule was unnecessary and both Senator Johanns and Nelson realized that, heard from Nebraskans and fixed the law.”

The US Senate also voted down a repeal measure put forth by Republicans.  Repealing the entire health care law, rather than fix portions that will further help families and business, is going down a path that simply does not make economic sense.

To begin with, the health care law will create millions of new jobs.  On the other hand, repealing it would take away up to 4 million jobs. The health care reform law is also fully paid for and will reduce our deficit.  Repealing it would increase the deficit by nearly a quarter trillion dollars.

The bottom line is, only 17% of Americans want to see the health reform law fully repealed.  Instead, the vast majority of families and businesses want Congress to focus on jobs, the economy and doing what they did today — working together, across party lines, to make the law better.