“Why did you get me so drunk?”

Not usually the conversation one hopes to hear between a congressman and a lobbyist.  But Rep. Lee Terry certainly likes to set the bar low (do we need to repeat that the only thing he’s done in DC is renaming a post office?).

Apparently the New York Post has seen “All Talk” Terry chatting up some comely lady lobbyists in DC these days.  The NY Post overheard Terry asking a female lobbyist, “Why did you get me so drunk?” at the Capitol Hill Club.

Bold Nebraska has called Rep. Terry’s office to ask what the lobbyist’s name is since we would like to know some basic information.  For example: who does the lady lobbyist represent, has her company donated to Terry’s campaign, have those donations impacted any of Terry’s votes?  We have yet to hear back from his office, just like they didn’t respond to our questions around potential improper use of Congressional mail.

The lady lobbyist encounter isn’t about Terry having a good time and blowing off steam with harmless colleagues.  This isn’t about Terry’s personal life, it’s about his political life.  It’s a symptom of what we’ve known all along: Terry has couched himself with lobbyists in DC while doing nothing for Nebraskans.

When Terry first ran to represent CD 2, he promised to only serve three terms.  We’re now looking at the end of term six.

And Lee’s proved himself a lobbyist darling.  One example is Terry lifting a speech from a biotech lobbyist company called Genentech and using their words on the floor of the United States Congress.

While Terry’s partying it up with lobbyists, he’s neglecting the reason Nebraskans sent him to Washington — to get things done.  It’s naive to think that the congressman would bite the hand that feeds him (or “hydrates” him as it were).  You can’t spend ten years in DC doing nothing and claim that you’re not part of the system, especially when your actions prove otherwise.

Lee’s all talk in the Capitol, in the bars, and in Nebraska.  And his parties with lobbyists are going to leave him with a nasty hangover in November.


Help us find out the lobbyist’s name, tweet @leeterry2010 and ask him to tell Nebraskans who he got drunk with that night. That is the least he can do.