Senate candidate Shane Osborn mocked special needs kids on Thursday, in a tweet that called a bill under consideration in Washington a “short bus to nowhere” — a derogatory reference to the shorter school bus equipped with wheelchair and disabled access often used to transport special needs kids to school.

In his criticism of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, Osborn called the bill a “short bus to nowhere,” in a tweet that was subsequently deleted.

Osborn responded to criticism of his words in a statement to the Huffington Post: “My Mother is a nurse who takes care of special needs children and we consider them part of our family. I quickly realized the tweet sent the wrong message and deleted it immediately,” said Osborn.

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Hey @osbornforsenate — you need to apologize to NE special needs kids & families for this offensive tweet: #nesen

Dear @osbornforsenate, It is NEVER okay to mock special needs kids. You need to apologize for this NOW: #nesen

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