We sent out the following message today to Bold Nebraskans signed up on our email list. You can also tweet, “.@Gov_Heineman @Mike_Johanns & @LEETERRYNE are on bold Nebraskans’ naughty list this year http://bit.ly/vHbGQS #noKXL“. We hope a holiday reminder that they represent Nebraskans, not TransCanada, will change their tune.

Santa may want to reconsider dumping coal in the stockings of Nebraska’s naughty politicians and give them dirty tar sands instead. We need your help letting “naughty politicians” know that Saint Nick isn’t the only one who disapproves of them trying to rush TransCanada’s Keystone XL through the heart of America without any regard to our new law studying alternative routes.

Every time we’ve let these officials know they’re on our naughty list, they’ve changed their attitudes. Gov. Heineman called a special session when we demanded it, and the Obama Administration gave us more time to study alternative routes.

Email the naughty list: Remind Gov. Heineman, Sen. Johanns, Rep. Terry and Rep. Smith that they represent Nebraskans, not TransCanada.

Email the nice list: Thank Sen. Nelson and Rep. Fortenberry for standing up for Nebraska’s land, water, and health.

This holiday season, we need to make sure naughty politicians like Gov. Heineman, Sen. Johanns, and Reps. Terry and Smith know that Nebraskans are keeping their own list, we’re checking it twice, and we’ll remember who was naughty and nice every time they run for office. The same goes for state senators like McCoy, Schilz, and Christensen who showed more concern for TransCanada than Nebraska landowners during the special session.

Perhaps politicians on our naughty list think it’s better to side with TransCanada than give President Obama any credit for addressing the legitimate concerns of Nebraskans. Well, pitching a political fit isn’t the kind of behavior we tolerate from our elected officials. If Heineman, Johanns, Terry and Smith were tykes, Santa’d be leaving them coal for Christmas, no doubt.

But with all the money they get from Big Oil, these adults might not be so scared of Santa’s list. It’s up to us to remind them that nice politicians get our thanks and naughty politicians never get reelected.

Santa’s Little Helpers,
The Bold Team

P.S. Don’t forget to send a holiday card to President Obama! We need 91 Nebraskans to send him a card to let him know if he keeps standing up to TransCanada, we’ve got his back.