Last night, my husband got a call from Dick Morris. Yes, that Dick Morris.

Sure, it was a recorded voice. Dick was calling to let Scott know that conservatives need to stick together to take our country back…and that if he answers just one question, Scott can get a free, autographed copy of Dick Morris’ new book.

Scott, curious to hear how conservatives are framing issues, listens to the 3-minute recording of Dick Morris.

Then, a live operator comes on.

The operator asks Scott the one question—you know, the one question he has to answer to get the free, autographed book.

“Do you think we, as conservatives, have to stick together in order to take our country back and that voting for conservatives in the 2010 elections is the best way to do that” (not exact quote of course, but close as to what Scott recalled to me).

Scott answers, you know, so he can get the free, autographed book.

“No, actually I support Obama and his policies.”

That of course threw the call center off.

“Well, um…”

Scott then says, “I still get the book right, I answered the question.”

Operator says, “well I have another script to read should I just do that?”

“Sure,” says Scott.

Then comes the “con”servative bait and switch.

“For a donation of $100-200 you can get a copy of the book signed….”

Scott then says, “wait I thought Dick said I get a free autographed copy if I answer one question.”

The operator confesses she doesn’t have an answer. She explains this is a job.

Scott says he understands and wants a number and address he can follow up with to get his book.

The kicker is the name of the group the operator gives Scott… Citizens United.

Yep, the group that went all the way to the conservative Supreme Court and got the ruling that is the real takeover of our government… the takeover of our government by big business and crap like Dick Morris pulled tonight.

Here is their website, shockingly Dick Morris is not listed, maybe he is just using their name.

Here is Dick Morris website, he also has a blog ad up for the 7 lies of diabetes.

Conmen. Conservatives. Conmen.

If you too want to write and try to claim your book, or call them telling them how ridiculous their scheme is:

Citizens United
1006 Pennsylvania Ave., SE
Washington, DC 20003
phone: 202-547-5420

We are also going to call Att. Gen. Jon Bruning’s office, not sure how far that will get us…