Most one-year-olds are happy just to be toddling around the living room. We’re proud to announce that our one-year-old website is not only walking, it’s running and changing Nebraska’s political landscape at a lightning pace.

In just one year we’ve:

  • published a voter guide to educate folks on local and federal races
  • held 5 major pipeline education events like a Pipeline Rally and Citizen Hearing
  • been cited in stories by media outlets like the NY Times, Lincoln Journal Star, and Omaha World-Herald
  • written a Roundup every weekday informing Nebraskans of the latest national and state news
  • helped push back on a pricey and discriminating voter id bill
  • started to shift the political discourse in our state so that not only one voice is represented
  • live tweeted state senate and federal hearings so Nebraskans could follow important hearings

We’re also aware of where we need to grow and change. While we’ve called out many elected officials for their reckless policies or lack of leadership (i.e. Heineman and the pipeline), we want to start praising leaders who are doing good work. People like State Sen. Steve Lathrop who championed a compromise bill to reform the Committee on Industrial Relations, or State Sen. Dubas for introducing and passing a breast feeding rights bill.

We’re working to expand our issue campaigns. While we’re well known for our work on the pipeline, we’re also passionate about immigration, education, health care, local food, and government accountability. We believe these are the major issues facing Nebraskans, and we’ll be working with allied groups to raise awareness, just as we have on the pipeline.

We always need more content for the blog. If you have a story or issue that you care passionately about, email me at I’d be more than happy to discuss writing opportunities. (I also recommend checking out for a community of progressive bloggers in our state.)

It’s been a great year for Bold. I’m so proud of the work the staff and our volunteers have done. More than anything, I’m proud of the community we’ve built with you.

You’ve raised awareness on the pipeline and exposed the dirty business practices of TransCanada. You’ve shined a spotlight on our state legislature and demanded that our elected officials be accountable to the people, not just the lobbyists who buy their lunch. You may not read about the change we are creating every day in your newspaper or see it on television, but I promise you that it is there.

Thank you for supporting our work. We hope to have another monumental year.