Usually we like to call out elected or appointed officials in the government because they’re the most accountable to the electorate.  However, we’ve picked up on some riveting chatter from the Nebraska Republican Party that just can’t be ignored.

Wimp Wednesday

Mark Fahleson, chair of the NE GOP, we’re calling you out.

Typically, we take issue with Fahleson blindly defending Heineman, but Fahleson’s got his own dark side.  Apparently, he’s been creating conflict between the state party and candidates because he wants to play dirty in hyper-competitive races.  (And some of his candidates are pushing back on him.  We say “Bravo.”)

We’ll readily admit that there is a dark side to politics, and it can get very dirty.  But don’t Nebraskans pride themselves on showing some integrity in such situations?  Weren’t we all disgusted when the Nelson/Ricketts campaign in ‘06 went negative?  (That awful campaign ad still gives some of us nightmares.)

More often than not, Nebraskans are turned off by mud slinging.  Sure, it gets our attention, but we generally turn away or tune out in disgust.  Exhibit A: Nelson beat Ricketts 64-36%.

Mid-terms are shaping up to be a tooth-and-nail fight.  And we’ll admit, the tension keeps us riveted.  But we’d like to see leaders like Fahleson step up and agree to wage a clean fight.

Maybe the GOP would say we’re mudslinging with this post.  We’d say it’s a warning to Fahleson that we’re paying attention, people talk to us and we’ll hold you accountable if you’re going to fight dirty.  This isn’t us getting down in the mud with you.  It’s us standing on the edge of the dirt pile saying, “Drop that mud pie you’re holding and show some integrity.”