This page is meant to serve as a resource for press and interested citizens with information on the new tipline and radio ads.  If you want a copy of the hotline script and background facts to support the radio ad, please email

TransCanada Abuse Tip Line: 1-866-363-4648

TransCanada Abuse Site:  

Radio Ad

Press Event Advisory:

Groups Launch Landowner Abuse Citizen Tip Line
Aims to Uncover Oil Company Abuses Against Nebraska Landowners Radio Spot to be Unveiled

What: Nebraska landowners and citizens will be able to blow the whistle on the heavy-handed tactics of Canadian oil giant TransCanada. Widespread media reports say the company has attempted to strong-arm residents into putting a risky pipeline on their property. A series of high profile pipeline incidents around the country has area groups concerned the pipeline will eventually leak, spill or explode in sensitive areas like the Sandhills, Platte River and Ogallala Aquifer. 

The groups are launching a toll-free tip line, radio ads and a website that urges landowners, concerned citizens and TransCanada employees to confidentially report abusive and questionable acts.  The toll free tip line, 1-866-363-4648, will be up and running on Sept. 29th, and the ads begin appearing on Nebraska radio stations on Sept. 30th.  A blog is also being launched to track public tips,

When: Wednesday, September 29, 1:00 p.m. 

Location and Dial-In: 1141 H Street, 3rd Floor, Lincoln or call 1-800-791-2345, pin 16461#

Who: Nebraska Wildlife Federation, Bold Nebraska, Nebraska Sierra Club, Guardians of the Good Life, Nebraskans for Peace, Nebraska League of Conservation Voters

Speakers at Press Conference: Duane Hovorka with Nebraska Wildlife Federation, Ken Winston with Nebraska Sierra Club, Jane Kleeb with Bold Nebraska, Ernie Fellows a Nebraska landowner, Randy Thompson a Nebraska landowner

Contact: Jane Kleeb,, 402-705-3622