We have a repeat offender for today’s wimp.  Most of you probably saw this coming, but we are charging Governor Heineman once again.

At a press conference today, the Governor railed against health care reform and Nebraska’s share of Medicaid costs.  He reiterated a favorite conservative phrase “unfunded mandate,” complaining about the estimated $526-$766 million tab that the state will have to pick up over the next 10 years.

Never mind that the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities estimated that the federal government will be paying 95% of new Medicaid costs over that same time period.  (So up that number Senator Nordquist!)  Of course, that help is thanks to the work of Senator Ben Nelson, but we don’t see Heineman giving him any props.

We were also shocked that nearly one in five Nebraskans will be covered by Medicaid.  What does it say about the state’s economic prospects if one in five residents will be in a health care program for the poor?

For that matter, why doesn’t Heineman note the high cost of health care in this state?  He says nothing while Nebraska families are being bankrupted by their medical bills.  But when the state is prompted to intervene, he attacks the federal government rather than the costs of health care.  Imagine how much consumers would be paying out of pocket without health care reform.

For promoting the myth of an “unfunded mandate” and attacking politicians instead of the problems, Heineman is once again our Wednesday Wimp.