Heineman’s opportunities to have his cake and eat it too are coming to a close.  It looks like Senator Ben Nelson is calling out  the Governor’s double talk leadership style.

Nelson’s office just released a statement that he has introduced a bill that would direct unused education funding towards deficit reduction.  If you’ll recall, Senator Nelson voted to pass FMAP funding for state aid that would go to first responders, teachers and Medicaid.

 In the original bill, if a state’s governor does not apply for Medicaid funding, the money stays in the U.S. Treasury.  If a governor does not apply for education funding, the Secretary of Education can reallocate the money to other states or entities.

So under the current bill, Governor Heineman can refuse to apply for education funding that would save 1,000 jobs and Secretary Duncan can send them to other  education entities in Nebraska.  That way, Heineman can outwardly reject federal money while still enjoying the benefits.

Well Ben Nelson’s clearly as sick of Heineman-having-his-cake-and-eating-it-too as we are.  Under Nelson’s bill, if Heineman doesn’t apply, Nebraska gets no money and 1,000 teachers lose their jobs.  That’s a hard position to take for the governor who likes to tout himself as a job creator.

Your move, Governor.