This week’s wimp is usually part of a gang, but today he stands alone.  And not in the I-Am-Legend kind of way.  No, this regular member of Nebraska’s Three Amigos is dodging open and honest debate with his challenger.

Adrian Smith has repeatedly dodged or outright bailed on debates with challenger Rebekah Davis.  Smith’s excuse?  He’s got a busy schedule, and Davis hasn’t made a formal request. Does she need to close that request with “pretty please?”

Smith’s sitting on the laurels of his incumbency.  One of the purposes of elections is to keep office holders accountable.  Sure, it might not be appealing for Smith to have his ideas and votes challenged openly.  But if he thinks he’s been doing such a great job, then he should have no problem explaining, for example, why he voted to fire 1,000 Nebraska teachers.

Third District residents deserve a representative who’s got the guts to debate challengers head on, not a wimp who takes their votes for granted.