Stop Costco’s CAFO Chicken Factory Plant Near Raymond, Nebraska School

Give now: Your gift MATCHED to support Nebraska families’ legal fight to stop Costco’s CAFO chicken factory 1 mile from their high school — up to $5,000 through May 31. via Raymond County Communities United: An 8-barn chicken facility, totaling 380,000 chickens, is proposed to be located ONE MILE from Raymond Central Jr/Sr High School […]
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ACTION NEEDED: Stop Packer Ownership of Livestock, Keep Local Control

Two bills will be heard in front of the Nebraska legislature’s Agriculture Committee on Tuesday, Feb. 10. ┬áThese bills would pave the way for meatpacker ownership of livestock and allow continued corporate takeover of agriculture in Nebraska by allowing Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO’s) to avoid the normal restrictions of the county planning and zoning […]
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