Troy Thompson at Bold’s 2011 “Pumpkins Against the Pipeline” event in Lincoln, holding a jack-o-lantern with his dad Randy’s face carved into it. (Photo: Marty Steinhausen)

We’ve just learned that Troy Thompson, son of Randy “Stand With Randy” Thompson and part of a Pipeline Fighter family since the beginning in Nebraska, was struck by a car on Sunday while walking his dog in Lincoln, and is currently in the hospital in critical condition at Bryan West Campus.

Thoughts and prayers from everyone at Bold and in the Pipeline Fighting community are with the Thompson family.

UPDATE 2/5/18

A part of Troy’s update from late last nite, provided by his wife:

“A quick story to make everyone feel better. This morning (very, very early) Sarah (sister in law) was with Troy when they did their daily sedation test. Not sure what the proper name is, but they basically take away his sedation and a lot of his pain medication for a short time to make sure he is able to regain his alert/aware status. Well, he did great and was awake and following commands, answering yes/no questions. He tried to write, but because his arms were broken and tied to the bed, his writing wasn’t legible. Brilliant Miss Sarah remembered that Troy knows some sign language, so she asked him if he could finger spell the words. Yup, he sure could! He was able to sign clearly enough to ask how long he’d have the breathing tube in, how the kids were, and to thank the doctors and nurses for their care. I think we don’t have to worry about this guy’s cognitive status! I can’t wait until they get the breathing tube out so Troy can be alert and talking again, although I’m thankful that he’s going to “sleep through” these awful first days full of pain and procedures!”

Troy and a few of his kids helping paint sealer on the NoKXL Clean Energy Barn in the path of Keystone XL. (Photo Mark Hefflinger)

Send a card, gift or meal to Troy and his family:

At the hospital (or direct through gift store):
Bryan West Campus
c/o Patient Troy Thompson
2300 S. 16th St.
Lincoln, NE 68502

Cards for family/gifts for Troy’s kids:
Thompson Family
1601 Kingston Rd
Lincoln NE 68506

There has also been a “MealTrain” set up for the Thompson family, if local folks would like to volunteer to deliver meals for the family — details here.

Troy sent us this photo of his kids with a #NoKXL message to President Obama.
Troy Thompson and his son knocking on doors during a Bold “Get Out the Vote” event in Omaha before Election Day 2014. (Photo by J Grace Young / Bold Nebraska)
Troy’s father Randy “Stand With Randy” Thompson, holding a #NoKXL “I Stand With Randy” Stop the Pipeline campaign yard sign. (Photo Alez Matzke)