Attorney Dave Domina of Domina Law Group represents Nebraska landowners vs. TransCanada in a Holt County eminent domain hearing.

If you’re a NEAT member and TransCanada calls, you just say, “I’m with NEAT, call Dave Domina.”

We are hearing reports that this week TransCanada has begun contacting landowners on the proposed Keystone XL “Mainline Alternative” route in Nebraska, to schedule meetings and conduct surveys on their land.

The Nebraska Easement Action Team (N.E.A.T.), an organization started by Nebraska landowners in 2012 who refused to sell their land to TransCanada and ensure that landowner rights and interests are protected no matter what the end result is with the pipeline, is also reaching out to landowners on the Mainline Alternative route to offer legal advice and support.

When you become a member of NEAT, all negotiations and dealings with TransCanada are handled by attorneys with Domina Law Group, which has staunchly defended landowners’ rights since TransCanada first began contacting landowners about KXL back in 2009.

Learn more about N.E.A.T. and becoming a NEAT member.

Landowners who are being contacted by TransCanada should take note that an appeal of the Nebraska Public Service Commission’s approval of the “Mainline Alternative” route was filed on Dec. 27 by NEAT members and Domina Law Group — and oral arguments in the case will not be heard by the Nebraska Supreme Court until the fall of 2018.

Bottom line — there is no need to sign anything now with TransCanada. 

If you’re interested in hearing more about NEAT, or have questions about easement terms and your rights as a landowner, NEAT invites you to attend an upcoming community meeting for landowners that will be held in March. Attorneys with Domina Law and Bold’s Jane Kleeb will on hand to brief landowners on their rights and answer questions.

NEAT Community Meetings for KXL Landowners