Recently, I was accused of “shooting my mouth off” by the man elected to lead our state and protect our land and water. Yes, Governor Dave Heineman is telling me, a citizen, to be quiet (he says alot more also, so keep reading). Governor Heineman can throw all the mud he wants, it doesn’t distract us from the fact that he’s failed to lead on critical state issues like TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline.

Nebraskans don’t want a leader who just gives lip service to the issues.  We want someone who’s ready to step up and take Bold Action.

Agree with us? Join with us and fellow Nebraskans to send Gov. Heineman a clear message, it’s time for him to lead.

Take 3 Actions to Stand with Nebraskans

1) Like our Bold Nebraska Facebook page and Heineman will get a special delivery!  

If we get to 1,500 “likes” (we need about 300 more to hit the goal) before the end of April, Bold will make a special delivery (its super awesome, we promise) to Governor Heineman to show just how many Nebraskans are willing to ‘mouth off’ to defend our state’s landowners and natural resources.

2) Call Gov. Heineman at 402-471-2244 with this message (or of course make up your own):

 “Gov. Heineman, please start leading on the TransCanada pipeline. You do have a role as our highest state elected official in things like pipeline safety and routing of the pipeline. You must stop kicking the can to the federal government.”

3) Email or Tweet Gov. Heineman with this message:

 @Gov_Heineman, I stand w/ @boldnebraska + will ‘mouth off’ until u protect NE, pass safety + routing regulations on TransCanada pipeline now

mouth off with bold

More About Heineman and TransCanada

Many of us are asking why Heineman continues to ignore the critical issue of the pipeline. Perhaps its because he took –and then had to return– a potentially illegal campaign donation from TransCanada, a foreign company.

Or perhaps it is because he can’t stomach the fact that citizens and bi-partisan state leaders like Senator Johanns, Senator Nelson, State Senators Fulton, Dubas, Utter, Sullivan and Haar are speaking with one voice on the issue of protecting our homes and water?  An issue that an overwhelming majority of Nebraskans agree on?

Gov. Heineman thinks he has no role in the pipeline and that the federal government should just take care of our state.  In fact, Heineman told us on camera that we should just go to “our President” with our concerns.

He then told Nebraska Watchdog, I just haven’t focused on that issue to any great extent because it’s a federal regulatory issue. So I’ve let our congressional delegation deal with that.”

States have a very clear role in setting state-based regulations in key areas including the routes of pipelines, safety, financial responsibility for oil spills and other damages to roads and water supply just to name a few.

We think Heineman needs to lead.  He needs to sign an Executive Order or support the State Senators to pass bills protecting our land and water.

Want to take your actions a step further?

You can also write a letter to your local paper.  We have tips in our Pipeline Action Guide on writing letters to the editor (called LTES).

Recently, Barbara Bailey and Randy Thompson had LTEs published that were awesome and these types of letters get the word out to our neighbors.

Or you could attend some of the events we have coming up across the state.

Our campaign on TransCanada’s Keystone XL has centered on the theme, “a little bird told me…our state elected leaders can protect our homes and water.”  Unfortunately, some of our key state elected leaders have sat on the sidelines while a foreign company threatens our homes and water.

As if sitting on the sidelines and kicking the can to the federal government was not bad enough, Gov. Heineman is now accusing one of our grassroots leaders who’s fighting to protect our state of being too lippy?!

Keep whining about us, governor.  We’re not going away.  We’ll keep “mouthing off” because we want to see Bold action from our elected leaders.  If you won’t stand up for our land and water, we will organize Nebraskans to do your work for you…