Keystone XL route map showing the “mainline alternative route” (yellow line) that was approved by the Nebraska Public Service Commission. See more detailed maps below or at

Click to zoom in on the map below, or open in a new window and zoom in to see if your property may be on the pipeline route (LINK:

Are you a landowner in Nebraska (Antelope, Madison, Platte, Colfax, Butler, Seward, Saline, Jefferson) who has been contacted by TransCanada land agents for the proposed Keystone XL pipeline?

Email Bold Nebraska founder Jane Kleeb with questions: 


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The Nebraska Easement Action Team (N.E.A.T.) will periodically host in-person meetings for landowners and community members in the newly affected “mainline alternative route” counties, where folks can come and listen and ask questions, hear from attorneys and other landowners who are in the same situation.

At the meetings, Domina Law Group attorney Brian Jorde and Bold’s Jane Kleeb will give an overview of what your rights are as a landowner, details about eminent domain and easement terms, and provide contacts for attorneys who are currently representing landowners who have refused to sign easements with TransCanada.

Only TransCanada currently knows the actual exact route — or exactly which landowners are now affected after the Nebraska Public Service Commission’s decision to approve this alternate route.

Bold Nebraska is offering newly affected landowners on the KXL route — after the Public Service Commission approved a route on Nov. 20, 2017 where no landowners have yet been contacted by TransCanada — personal consultation about their options, and introduction to the attorneys currently representing landowners who have not sold their land for easements for the pipeline.

Keystone XL “Mainline Alternative Route” (blue line) and existing Keystone 1 pipeline route (green line).

KXL Mainline Alternative Map Seward County