We are in tears laughing at the latest NEGOP campaign emails. The Nebraska GOP are already asking for money to take down Nelson in 2012. 

In case you didn’t see the date on their email, it’s stamped March 22, 2010. 

Well for a group with such warped concepts on everything from gay marriage to financial reform, we shouldn’t be shocked that they’re concept of time is a little off. 

But we are. You see their Chair Mark Fahleson said, “We need to reach out to young voters, and we’ve got to win the technology war by communicating along new electronic avenues. Fahleson also sits on the RNC’s tech committee. But maybe the RNC is too busy at the strip clubs to teach folks about tech. 

Being against gay marriage, repealing DADT, health reform and continuing the “Drill Baby Drill” mantra is not a way to win young voters. 

And, in case you didn’t see Johanns’ latest email, he too is in need of a crash course on technology. 

Back to their email…we’re also hyperventilating from laughter over their description of Nelson as a “rubber stamp” for the Dems. Have they not gotten the same google alerts as us? Do the Repubs not watch tv (they’ve got Fox News so they’ve got no excuse)? The Dems are in an uproar over Nelson’s votes against extending unemployment benefits and siding with Republicans on energy policies. 

We’d encourage the NE GOP to hire a new fact checker (potentially their first?). And hey NE GOP, we’re always looking for moonlight gigs, and we know how to work the internets (just ask Johanns).