Vivianne Chaumont is costing Nebraskans $70 million in Medicaid assistance.  That’s right, Nebraska’s DHHS Director of Medicaid and Long-Term care is costing the state money.

Wimp Wednesday

Nebraska is eligible to receive $69 million thanks to recent FMAP funding legislation (that only Senator Nelson voted yes on, the rest of the delegation turned their backs on Nebraskans).  We can also get another $1 million planning grant for health care implementation.

Governor Heineman has shown contempt for federal money, and at the same time silently using stimulus funds to plug his budget holes.   However, we have yet to hear a peep from Director Chaumont on this issue.

Not only has she kept mum on health care legislation and Medicaid assistance, we’ve heard nothing about Beatrice losing $25 million a year in federal funding.  Why isn’t Chaumont on a soapbox demanding better for Beatrice?

For costing Nebraska million of dollars in Medicaid and health care assistance, Vivianne Chaumont is our Wednesday Wimp.