Today Sen. Ben Nelson announced his retirement from the Senate. Nelson’s departure is being celebrated by the Republican party who think Nelson’s seat is now a lock.

We’d challenge the entire GOP field not to get too cocky. If we’ve proven anything this year, it’s that Nebraskans have a strong populist streak that the existing political parties simply don’t get.

Nebraskans deserve a fighter, someone who stands up for our families and not their political party. Ben Nelson always did that.

The current GOP candidates did nothing to stand up for our families, the Sandhills or our water when they were at risk from the TransCanada pipeline. That issue galvanized our state and brought people together. Their lack of leadership on the pipeline is noticed and will be noticed during the 2012 election cycle.

We don’t know who will run on the Democratic side for Senate, but we hope whoever wins will be a fighter for our families.

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