Update 6:52am, Nov. 5: Ashford now has 76, 354 votes to Terry’s 72,222. We will now wait to see if Terry concedes the race after a good night’s rest? Douglas County Election Commission said they will have another vote update on Friday, which is mail-in ballots and maybe some provisional ballots. We are waiting to see if the campaigns or the Commissioners office releases more information this morning. You can see the Douglas County results here and the Nebraska Secretary of State’s results here (which includes all of NE2 district of both Sarpy and Douglas counties).

Update 2:06: Update on votes, Ashford 71,364 and Terry 68,309.

Update 1:33am: Updated total votes from NE SOS site for Ashford 70,345 and Terry 67,639.

Update 12:36am: Douglas county updates their votes bringing overall totals for all of NE2–Ashford 68,063 to Terry 64,696.

Update 11:07pm: Ashford still holding on to his lead over Terry 50,621 to 48,701.

Update 10:45pm: Iowa goes to Joni Ernst.

Update 10:30pm: GOP wins NC Senate race, meaning they now have “control” over the US Senate. This does not mean they can pass whatever they want since just like the GOP did, Dems will force them to have 60 people to pass votes.

Update 10:20pm: Brad Ashford continues his lead over Lee Terry 47,726 to 44,349, good news but the race has not been called yet.

Update 10:02pm: GOP has flipped/won these US Senate seats Colorado, Arkansas, Montana, South Dakota, West Virginia. They need one more for “control” of the Senate.

Update 9:36: Ashford continues his lead over KXL-loving Terry. Ashford is at 42,579 votes over Terry’s 39,623. Please believe Omaha 

Update 9:21: Mark Udall loses to GOP Corey Gardner in Colorado. The GOP only needs one more seat to control the US Senate.

Update 9:15pm: Looking good for Crystal Rhoades for the one PSC seat up which could become a critical office for KXL route in Nebraska. She is up 5,000 votes.

Update 9:12pm: Republicans have won 4 of the 6 seats they need to control the US Senate.

Update 9:10pm: Interesting in Iowa, Joni Ernst is trailing Democrat Bruce Braley http://dataomaha.com/media/election2014/general/

Update 8:55pm: Race between Terry and Ashford very close. Ashford is now up 39,842 to Terry’s 36,363 votes.

Update 8:45pm: Louisiana Senate race will go to a run off, this race could decide Senate balance.

Update 8:39pm: Judge Stacy looks like she will retain her judgeship. She was the judge who handed landowners a victory in their challenge against the illegal pipeline routing law passed by Gov. Heineman.

Update 8:31pm: The NPPD races are close. Mary Harding is winning for her district. Others too close to call.

Update 8:25pm: Lee Terry has 27,781 votes and Brad Ashford is at 23,093 votes. This is a very close race. We need to see more precincts come in.

Update 8:15pm: Nebraska passes the Minimum Wage increase. Pete Ricketts is also the next Governor of our state beating Chuck Hassebrook.

Update 8:10: Nebraska Gov race “too close to call” according to MSNBC. You can see raw numbers here: http://electionresults.sos.ne.gov/

Update 8:03pm: Nebraska US Senate seat is won by Ben Sasse.

Update 7:55pm: On a national level, GOP has gained/flipped two Senate seats towards the six for “control” of the Senate. GOP won so far Arkansas, South Dakota and West Virginia Senate seats. Democrats won Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Minnesota so far.

Update 2pm: Voter issues have come up in states like Georgia. No voting issues that we are aware of in Nebraska at this time. The next wave of folks voting will be around 5pm as folks get off work. If you have voted, make sure to let folks know by putting this graphic on your Facebook and Twitter feeds. Bring the New Energy Voter Guide with you to the polls!

Update 11am: Lots of emails coming in on how folks voted so far using the New Energy Voter Guide. We hear on MSNBC the head of the GOP going on and on about how they will win the Senate and force the approval of KXL pipeline. First, even if they won the Senate, they do not have a veto-proof majority and they would not even come close to the 60 needed to pass a bill like this in the first place. More fear talk by a party that is owned by Big Oil. Fight back by voting for new energy today.


Hello pipeline fighters. I am updating this post all day with key info and any fishy polling location issues (email jane@boldnebraska.org if  you hear about anything and call 402-904-5191 to report issues). Remember to bring your New Energy Voter guide with you to the polls www.nevoter.org.

Then, starting at 8pm CT when the polls close in Nebraska, I will live blog here results of key races.

Need some music to motivate you to the polls? This should do the trick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGacvlk__IU

I am watching closely the race in Omaha. TransCanada’s biggest cheerleader Lee Terry (dang straight!) is trailing behind Brad Ashford (who stood up for landowners preventing an awful land grab bill pushed by Big Oil and ALEC). We also have pipeline fighters Dave Domina (Senate), Danny Kluthe (NPPD), Jim Tarnick (NPPD), Douglas Liewer (Unicam) all running great races.

Nationally, the GOP leadership is out saying they will take the US Senate and then they will “approve” the Keystone XL pipeline. Its critical to remember they need 60 Senators to get a bill that tramples over property rights and they will not have that number. Furthermore, it makes zero political sense for Pres. Obama to give the GOP one of their main wish-list items after 6 years of doing nothing to help pass common sense laws.




U.S. Senate: Dave Domina (Sasse won)

U.S. House, District 1: Jeff Fortenberry (won)

U.S. House, District 2: Brad Ashford

U.S. House, District 3: Mark Sullivan (Smith won)

Governor: Chuck Hassebrook (Ricketts won)

Lieutenant Governor: Jane Raybould (Foley won)

State Treasurer: Michael O’Hara (Stenberg won)

Attorney General: Janet Stewart (Peterson won)

State Auditor: Amanda McGill (Janssen won)

State Legislature, District 2: Ron Nolte (Kinter won)

State Legislature, District 3: Carol Blood (Garrett won)

State Legislature, District 4: Bob Hilkemann (won)

State Legislature, District 6: John Stalnaker (too close yet)

State Legislature, District 8: Burke Harr (won)

State Legislature, District 10: Bob Krist (won)

State Legislature, District 12: Greg Hosch (Riepe won)

State Legislature, District 14: (Write in “#NO KXL”)

State Legislature, District 16: Lydia Brasch (won)

State Legislature, District 18: Mike Tesar (Lindstrom won)

State Legislature, District 20: Matt Lathrop (too close yet)

State Legislature, District 22: Douglas Liewer (Schumacher won)

State Legislature, District 24: Kirk Tesar (Kolterman won)

State Legislature, District 26: Matt Hansen (won)

State Legislature, District 28: Patty Pansing-Brooks (won)

State Legislature, District 30: Roy Baker (won)

State Legislature, District 32: Phil Hardenburger (too close yet)

State Legislature, District 34: Curt Friesen (won)

State Legislature, District 36: Luis Sotelo (Williams won)

State Legislature, District 38: John Kuehn (won)

State Legislature, District 40: Tyson Larson (won)

State Legislature, District 42: Roric Paulman (too close yet)

State Legislature, District 44: Steve Stroup (Hughes won)

State Legislature, District 46: Adam Morfeld (won)

State Legislature, District 48: Mike Meister (Stinner won)

Public Service Commission, District 2: Crystal Rhoades (won)

Nebraska Public Power District, Subdivision 1: Mary Harding (won)

Nebraska Public Power District, Subdivision 2: Barry Dekay (won)

Nebraska Public Power District, Subdivision 7: Jim Tarnick (Kunze won)

Nebraska Public Power District, Subdivision 9: Danny Kluthe (Clopek won)

Lower Platte South Natural Resources District, Sub. 8: Tom Green (Svoboda won)

Lower Platte South Natural Resources District, Sub. 10: Adam Hintz (Amen won)

Omaha Public Power District, Subdivision 2: Anne McGuire -or- Jeff Lux (too close yet, Lux ahead)

Omaha Public Power District, Subdivision 3: Krystle Craig (Gay won)

Grand Island City Council: Brian Whitecalf

Judge of District Court (Lancaster County): Stephanie Stacy (won)

Ballot Measure 425 (Raise the minimum wage): Vote “FOR” (this passes, the “Fors” won!)

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