Today we celebrate the service of our veterans.  Our elected leaders are attending events and emailing their supporters giving ideas on how you can help honor vets.  Bold Nebraska keeps elected officials accountable and is often pointing out things they can do better, today we point out what each of our Senators are doing right by our veterans.

We also want to point you to a new website called Buy Veteran that lists local businesses owned by veterans.  See if there are any close to you (there are already 29 listed in Lincoln) and send the website to any vets you know who own businesses so that they can be added.

Senator Mike Johanns emailed supporters this morning telling us about a great opportunity, the Veterans History Project.  The project is sponsored by the Library of Congress and all of the stories you help collect will be archived there.  You can volunteer to document the stories of the almost 150,000 Veterans in Nebraska.  You receive training and all the instructions are laid out here.  If you are a student, high school teacher or run a youth group, they also have some great resources to get students involved.

Senator Nelson along with Mayor Jim Suttle, Rep. Terry and Gov. Heineman is attending the Veterans Day celebration at Omaha’s Memorial Park.  Senator Nelson was also at the VA hospital in Omaha honoring the over 60 years of ensuring our vets are taken care of and get the medical services they need as well as applauding the new funding the hospital has received.  Nelson also has a great column up on his website outlining his commitment to veterans.

As we honor our veterans today, it is important to note that we also must honor our gay and lesbian veterans by repealing DADT.  The Washington Post reported some of the results of the Pentagon study that we’ve been waiting on to help move the repeal of DADT forward.  The military study shows that the current men and women in uniform and their families support the repeal of DADT and that it will not disrupt current operations.  

We hope our Members of Congress and President Obama show the same courage that our men and women in the military show every day and finally repeal DADT.  

You can send a note to Senator Nelson and Senator Johanns about DADT by clicking here.  The more voices of Nebraskans they hear, the sooner we will see the repeal of a policy that is outdated and unnecessary.