August is a time for our elected officials to return from Washington, DC and talk with citizens about critical issues facing our state and nation.

Bold Nebraska is blogging about the townhalls all throughout August and we need your help!  Can you attend a townhall?

Last year, the August Recess Townhalls were focused on health reform.  And, if you were at any of those meetings, they were filled with misinformation and hot tempers.  We don’t know if health reform will be the focus this year, but we do know questions around the pipeline, job creation, immigration and other issues are important to progressive and moderate Nebraskans.

Informed citizens asking questions to our elected officials helps keep checks and balances and helps keep our Members of Congress accountable to the people who send them to Washington in the first place.

We need you to attend one of these townhalls, ask a question and report back to us the Member of Congress answer (or non-answer for some).

If you need help with background information or research for your question, just email

On our Actions page is a list of townhalls and events our Members of Congress will hold/attend throughout our state. 

Action: Email and let us know which Townhall you are going to, then after you go and ask your question, send us another email on how it went.  If you can take pictures or video, that would be great!

townhall graphic