This morning a fellow Nebraskan named George called me.  He told me he is calling Bold Nebraska because he does not do computers, but has a message he wants to get out on the internet.  He is worried about pipeline. 

I told him we definitely do computers and would post his message for him. He thanked me and read me his call to action, which is below.

You see, Gov. Heineman is hiding behind all sorts of excuses not to call a special session, one of the excuses is it will cost tax payers $150,000.

After I got of the phone with George, I googled him. He wrote an excellent Letter to the Editor that the Grand Island Independent published. He also has a letter in the Kearney Hub.

TransCanada might hire fancy lobbyists, buy-off elected officials and spend millions on misleading robo-calls and ads in our papers and Husker games.

But, they don’t have folks like George on their side. We do. That is why together, we will stop this pipeline.

Message from George


Nebraska pipeline policy.

Nebraska special session.

Find 15,000 Nebraskans who will each send $10 to Nebraska’s General Fund at Governor Dave Heineman. TODAY.

State Capitol Building, PO Box 94848, 1445 K Street, Lincoln, NE 68509

Submitted by: George P. Remmenga, Human Habitat Council, founded in 1991, 500 Heartland Park Drive, Apt. 123, Seward, NE 68434-1089

Update: George called me back wanting me to make sure folks knew he sent his $10 today to Gov. Heineman with a note to get a special session going now.