Great news for Husker Nation last night: Coach Osborne sacked TransCanada!

That is right,  the legendary former head coach (and Member of Congress) Tom Osborne told TransCanada their ads are no longer welcome at Memorial Stadium.

Nebraskans do not want TransCanada’s toxic tarsands and we do not want their toxic money.

Athletic Director (and Nebraska saint) Tom Osborne told the media that the pipeline issue has simply become too political over the past several months for Memorial Stadium to keep running ads:

“Since the contract negotiated by IMG Husker Sports Network was signed last April and approved by the athletic department, the pipeline issue has become very political.”

It’s crystal clear that TransCanada’s become too toxic to handle. When college football’s best fans start booing your ads (not even the other team), well, the actions speak for themselves.

Of course, TransCanada’s spin doctor Jeff Rauh was on hand to express the company’s remorse that they can’t “be a part of the community” anymore. Sorry guys, foreign companies who bully landowners and buy off elected officials aren’t community members Nebraska wants.

He promised that TransCanada would take the ad money and give it to non-profits in the state. Well if that’s true, we want a list published of when they get their checks and how much they are getting. 

Maybe TransCanada considers their astroturf group the Nebraska Energy Forum a non-profit and will give them more money for their misleading push polls? Or does Rauh mean real non-profits that actually contribute to our communities like the Center for People in Need?

And even if TransCanada does try to donate money to real non-profits, will they accept it? The Huskers have already shown that they’re steering clear of TransCanada’s toxic cash. Will anyone else want money that’s as toxic as the tar sands TransCanada wants to pump through the Ogallala Aquifer?

In the end, this bold decision by Coach Osborne is one more sign that Nebraskans do not want TransCanada’s toxic pipeline anywhere near our land and water.

Thanks you Mr. Osborne for your values and leadership. Husker Nation’s stands with you, sir, as we continue to stand with Randy.