York and Polk County landowners and citizens have organized themselves into a new group called The Good Life Alliance. Their goal is to stop the pipeline and along the way they want to pull together with other Nebraskans to get in place common sense zoning regulations, oil spill response plans and resolutions on tarsands pipelines near our water supplies.

Bold Nebraska and our partner groups like the Farmers Union and NEAT are proud of citizens taking action to get the proper regulations in place. Elected officials should welcome the new energy happening in county courthouse up and down the proposed pipeline route.

Join them at the meeting on June 20th in York. A letter from citizens is below.

Citizen Information Meeting
June 20th, Chances R, York NE @ 6:30pm (6pm for NEAT members)
Come ask questions and learn more about resolutions and regulations we want passed in our county to protect land and water.
Click here for web info on meeting.
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York County Commissioners Meeting
July 9, York County Courthouse, @ 8:30am
Join us as we formally ask the Commissioners to adopt a resolution against tarsands pipelines.

York and Polk Citizen Letter