TransCanada, the Canadian corporation behind the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, is providing security briefings to Nebraska authorities warning them to look into the application of “anti-terrorism laws” on people who oppose the pipeline despite the fact that no Nebraskan has committed a crime in the state in their efforts to stop the pipeline.

Bold Nebraska obtained TransCanada documents from the Nebraska State Patrol through a Freedom of Information Act request and was alarmed to discover what they describe as efforts to build distrust between Nebraska police and citizens who have organized to oppose the pipeline which threatens their air, land and water.

“It’s outrageous that a foreign corporation would come into our state to sow fear of landowners and citizens,” said Jane Kleeb, executive director of Bold Nebraska. “Every meeting, rally, and action that we have done in Nebraska has been peaceful, non-violent and lawful.”

The preponderance of opposition in the state has come from farmers and ranchers, whose threat level TransCanada describes as “low” while calling them “abusive and aggresive.” In the presentations, dated December of 2012 but presented last month in Nebraska, TransCanada warns authorities that actions in Texas and by Anonymous could be coming to Nebraska and are “potential security concerns.” They warn authorities to prepare for coming incidences of property destruction and “monkeywrenching.” No such incidents have occurred in Nebraska to date.

Nebraskans who oppose the pipeline say that they would welcome meetings with police to detail occurrences of trespassing by TransCanada officials, and to show that their opposition to the pipeline is both peaceful and lawful.

“We have a right to organize and make our voices heard. No foreign corporation should be coming into our state to try and hire and turn our police against us,” said Susan Luebbe, a rancher in the Sandhills of Nebraska.

In Texas, Keystone — TransCanada’s American subsidiary — has been filming Texas family farmer Julia Trigg Crawford on her own property. The company has seized a portion of Crawford’s 600-acre farm through eminent domain.

“Why are they filming me? Am I doing something illegal? I have specifically asked TransCanada why they are filming me while I am on my own land, they’ve not given me an answer,” said Crawford.

The TransCanada documents obtained by Bold Nebraska via FOIA request from the Nebraska State Patrol are embedded below.

Editors Note: What TransCanada says about Bold Nebraska and landowners in our state is simply not true. Additionally, from what we hear from folks in Texas, there has never been property damage done by the Tarsands Blockade. The real damage of property is from TransCanada, a foreign corporation forcing themselves on to American land unwanted. We hope if law enforcement is reading this they reach out to us or those in your state to get the other side of this story. TransCanada wants to try and villainize us and all we want to do is protect our land and water. This is America. Police should protect us from corporations that might do harm. We have trust the police in our state will continue to be fair and hold TransCanada accountable for trespassing.

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